Pwn More

Wrote this parody based on my experience raiding as a frostfire mage and having to switch to arcane, even though I am not a fan of arcane. It applies to many classes though. It is based on the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Maraz. Read more for lyrics.


Note: This song was played on The Instance podcast #184 on 4/12/2010


Pwn More

Well we run run in and start the encounter
Been wiping on the same boss for close to an hour
Killed by a cleave attack
Now I’m tryin’ to run back

Before my cool downs run out I was giving it by bestest
But the tanks went down and that’s when it all ended
Seemed easier each try
I hope we won’t die

And I won’t hesitate
to burn tha boss
I cannot wait
to Pwn some more

Open up trade window, hand a flask to me
We all sit down and have a feast
Burn it down this time for loot, loot, loot ,loot

Listen to the raid leader curse and spit
One more try and that is it
If we don’t take em down there’s no loot loot loot loot loot

And I won’t hesitate to burn tha boss
I can not wait, fo shore
We just need to DPS and melt some face
I can not wait to pwn

Come on, thrown some dots in here
I hope he don’t fear

I been spending too long checking my damage on the meters
eeking out more by tweaking all of my gear
but my damage was still dead last
so switching my spec was my next task

So here we go again and I am ready for some action
we stand here tense needing some satisfaction
again we go over the plan
and we prepare to make our last stand

And I won’t hesitate to burn tha boss
I can not wait to pwn

Start up the fight, going sweet
whopping it’s ass it’s down to three
boss is down to find tha, tha loot is yours
so please now, please now, please now
cap the screen to commemorate
then throw up a port
this-a, this-a. this is our day now
Pwn More


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