This song came together pretty quick. I was sitting and playing wow and my wife was behind me playing in a battleground. Every couple of minutes I would hear her exclaim “#%*$& Rogues!” among other expletives. This song is based on the Beastie Boys song “Girls“. Read More for Lyrics.


Note: This song was played on The Instance podcast #185 on 4/20/2010


Rogues – What I really hate is rogues
And in the bg’s there is roges
Just stuck my butt again theres rogues

I hate the way that they stealth
And the way they take my health
And how they sneak up from behind
Like their freaking stopping time

And when I play
they seem to kill me all damn day
I died so many times today
and in the graveyard D.O.A.
I tried to run the other way
but they can find me anyway
I finally kited one away
Killed him dead without delay

And then they say
You know I’m gonna make you pay
I get stun locked without delay
like I’m served up on a tray
I Could do nothing else but sway
then I thought I’d get away
I thought I’d live another day
they showed up all up in my way
5 Stealthed Rogues to my dismay

Rogues – to sneak up on me
Rogues – to beacon my doom
Rogues – teabag my body
Rogues – I hope this ends soon

Rogues – what I really hate is rogues
It’s all the time – I hate rogues
With all their black and skulls – rogues
I want to kill them dead -rogues rouges rogues roges roges!


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