Truth About Murlocs

This time I found the song before I wrote lyrics. Usually the lyrics come to me while listening to a song, but this time I wanted to use the song first and foremost. The reason should be obvious. This song is based off of the Carpenters song also made famous by Kermit the Frog (Murloc?) “Rainbow Connection“. Read More for Lyrics.



Truth About Murlocs:

Why are there not many
about murlocs
And what they all feel inside
Murlocs seem vicious
It’s only illusion
Us Murlocs have nothing to hide
When we see something thats tasty
we eat it
my brothers and I all agree

Someday you’ll be it
A murloc’s selection
We find you, we kill you, we eat

We say that every dish
Should be slowly savored
Especially gnomish tar tar
Orc meat is toughest
but we will still eat it
But troll more tasty by far
What’s so amazing
undead meats still tasty
If you try some you’ll see

Someday you’ll be it
A murloc’s selection
We find you, we kill you, we eat
All of us eating blood elf
you can almost taste their magic

We enjoy night elfs
although a bit gamey
And dranai are good special made
And there’s the sweet cuts
of dwarfs marinated
in ale before even fillet’ed
Tauren we cook in a smokey ol’ heat pit
And human just falls off the bone

Someday you’ll be it
A murloc’s selection
We find you, we kill you, we eat


5 thoughts on “Truth About Murlocs

  1. Loving every song you put out, man. Do you use karaoke versions of the originals? Very interested in your process, I have a few song ideas rolling around in the ol’ brain-pan.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I usually find a good midi version on the web and take it into Garageband. I then tweak the individual instruments as best I can and remove any melody track instruments. Next, I record vocals and after lead vocal I will go back and record any backup vocals. I am no expert at all, but I am striving to get better.

  3. I love this song, wonderful murloc spin.. had to play if for my non- wow playing roomie who has an affectionate love of murloc things.
    but one error on your song credits.
    The original was not written by the Carpenters.
    It’s by Paul Williams, who wrote all the songs in the film.

    And I’ll agree with all the other posters..

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